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Salmon Beach – Part 1

We move one more K around the coast to the hills above Salmon Beach. We’ll visit the beach later and concentrate on the hills today.

Salmon Beach

When you’re married to a geologist, you are pointed out things that you ordinarily don’t notice. Take the landscape above. Apart from its barrenness, what can you about its past?

Salmon Beach

Well, the rock is very porous, so it is made of limestone. Being limestone, you know that it’s been underwater sometime in the past. You can also see that the layers of debris that has been deposited over time is now at a precarious angle, meaning that there’s been a lot of upheaval over the last couple of hundreds of millions of years!

Now you know that, take a look at this.

Salmon Beach

Plenty of evidence of movement there – the entire layer has cracked and fallen over!