South Coast Line – Wattamolla – Part 2

Given that this is one of my favourite places, I think Wattamolla warrants another post.

The highlight of the lagoon for some people is the 5 metre high rock platform. I think it’s a rite of initiation for kids from the Shire to jump off it, and believe me, there’s always a small crowd wanting to do this despite the warning signs.


But the lagoon has some tranquil bits as well, like this place near where we picnicked.


South Coast Line – Coast Track

One of my all-time favourite walks is the Coast that spans the length of the Royal National Park. Funnily enough, I haven’t walked the length of it yet, but this bit between Little Marley and Wattamolla is my favourite. Sure, there are similar sights up and down the coast line, but the cliffs here are rather more dramatic to my eyes.

Cliff Edge

I also love how the sandstone form multi-caked layers, like pancakes.


Inner City Brunch – Eggs Benedict

A sunny Saturday: a perfect time to catch up with a few uni friends who’ve recently had bubs. We wandered around the corner from my friend’s flat in Pyrmont to a little cafe called Pyjamas. I had a particularly nice eggs benedict, which I haven’t had in quite awhile. The hollandaise was nice a creamy, and the sourdough a good texture – crust not too hard, the inside nice and soft. Very satisfying.

Eggs benedict