Favourite Feeds – Portuguese Custard Tarts

Portuguese custard tarts have been available in Sydney for years now, but they are often soggy, cold, and not very appetising. It’s a far cry from the little bakery in Belem, Portugal, where the sweets were originally invented. I’d tasted these while in Portugal many moons ago, and hadn’t found an equivalent until I went to Sweet Belem in Petersham. They are baked fresh on-site, so the tart is warm, the pastry flakey, and the custard is nicely burnt and lightly sprinkled with cinnamon. With a coffee, it’s fantastic.

Sweet Belem

Favourite Feeds – Hainan Chicken Rice

Hainan Chicken Rice is a dish popular around Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I’ve been eating it for donkeys, and unlike a lot of dishes from SE Asia, this one is homely and (comparatively) subtle in taste.

When you order it you will get:
– a portion of rice cooked in chicken stock and garlic
– a portion of chicken poached in chicken stock and dressed with a little soy, sesame oil and fried shallots
– some salad vegetables, most commonly cucumber
– a little bowl of clear chicken soup, sometimes containing Chinese veges
– a little (mild) chilli sauce
– a little ginger/garlic condiment

That’s some bang for your buck, don’t you reckon? If you’re not getting all of these things then you’re getting ripped off! The best version I’ve tasted is at my local Malaysian, Satay Inn.

Hainan Chicken Rice

Favourite Feeds – Scones

Ah, I think this will be a rather long series since you’d know by now my fondness of food (and food photography). Let’s start off with baked goods, and the wonders of scones.

Nothing better than a freshly baked batch of scones lashed with lightly whipped cream and jam. Fortunately it’s also one of the easiest and quickest baking you can ever do. Perhaps I will bake a batch this weekend?