Midsummer Walk – Karloo Pool

What a difference six months makes. Where as Karloo Pool was full to overflow back in June, and one needed to get one’s boots wet to cross Kangaroo Creek, by midsummer the water level had significantly gone down, and the creek was reduced to a rambling trickle again.

We made our pilgrimage on a 30C day (most of my visits in the summer tend to be on days like these). The cool water of the pool was perfect, and this time there wasn’t half of the Shire down there. We stayed in for a long time, had lunch, and afterward was around to watch the pool return to its original stillness.

Karloo Pool Midsummer

A perfect summer’s day.

Coastal Notes – Tallow Beach

I’ve heard a lot about Bouddi National Park, especially about the camping spots, but have never been until recently. It turns out that the park is very accessible, and the first place I visited was Tallow Beach. It’s a 30 minute walk down a fire trail, and even though it was New Year’s Day, fairly deserted.

Tallow Beach

Despite being overcast, it was warm and rather muggy, so a swim was very welcome. There were also lots of interesting shells to be found, and the beach is good fishing spot when the tide is right.

Tallow Beach

Coastal Notes – Pearl Beach

Being from the south side of Sydney, the Central Coast was always a little far to go to, and my exploration of the area was limited to its northern reaches (Kincumber, Terrigal, Avoca, The Entrance). Now I’m exploring its southern reaches, with its quiet inlets and spectacular views of Broken Bay. A great example of this is the village of Pearl Beach.

Pearl Beach

You can see Lion’s Head, and behind that, Barrenjoey Head, with Palm Beach on the other side of this. Very picturesque, even on an overcast day.

Snowies – Snowy River

We rock-hop across the Snowy River, crystal clear as it flows from the plateau we descended during the day. The day is bright, warm (for once), and full of flies. There is only Heartbreak Hill to ascend, and the journey is complete. Back to a nice room, bed, and hot shower, but the memories of this walk will still linger on.

Snowy River

That’s all from the Snowy Mountains, and from my road trip. Next time I will post about more local places to Sydney.