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North and South:
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It’s interesting to analyse the traffic for my stories. Most of the hits for North and South, Jane Eyre and X-Files are from the States, but for my Spooks story they are mostly from the UK. Not too surprising really, considering that Spooks rarely shown in the States. Australia’s got a pretty fanatical group of fans though.

I’ll start posting my long-haul Jane Eyre story next.

Abel Tasman NP – The Overview

But the highlight of the Golden Bay area is undoubtedly the Abel Tasman National Park, particularly its coast line. I came to the area specifically to walk its coastal track, the very cushy way. It’s a really beautiful part of the world, with golden beaches, estuaries and rainforest, and the walking is actually pretty easy. In August the temperature was perfect for walking, there were no biting insects, and best of all, we had the track all to ourselves.

This photo was taken from Tonga Saddle, the highest point on the walk.

Abel Tasman NP - Tonga Saddle

Golden Bay – The Spit – Part 2

The sea-facing and bay-facing coasts of the Spit may only be 2 kilometres apart, but it’s amazing what a piece of land can do to buffer against the wind. From the rough beach, the walk cuts through the sand dunes to the bay-facing east coast, where all is very, very calm.

Farewell Spit

In August, there is still snow on the far-off peaks, and the clear winter’s day produces some lovely reflections on the sand.

Farewell Spit

Golden Bay – The Spit – Part 1

Farewell Spit is a 35km long spit that juts out into the strait between the North and South Islands. It’s also the end of the road, literally, although not if you go on foot.

First is a walk through typical Kiwi farmland, complete with cabbage tree palms and sheep.

Farmland near Wharariki Beach

But the closer to the beach we get, the more windswept the landscape becomes. Well it is literally on the Roaring Forties.

Farmland near Wharariki Beach