FF blaze onSeeing Franz Ferdinand last week has reignited (corny but can’t think of any other word) my passion for music. Saw their first Enmore show and I don’t think I’ve seen a crowd so energetic in a long time, but seeing what gigs I went to last year, it’s not too surprising (don’t think Missy Higgins could rouse a crowd into a frenzy).

Inevitably, this kind of enthusiasm spills over into other (more silly) side projects like:
1. Buying their live DVD and playing it constantly and singing along to their naughty karaoke videos.
2. Playing groupie by turning up to the Sunrise studios (that’s beside my work) at 7.30am to press my face against the glass while they played.
3. Reading their amusing blog about the Darlinghurst ladies of the night, no less.
4. Recording shoddy cover versions of their songs on acoustic guitar (as have no electric).
5. Spending lunchtimes in music shops trying out electric guitars (I will buy one one of these days – contemplating an Angus Young Gibson SG).

My flatmate groans when she hears that infernal Take Me Out riff, but she shouldn’t worry because fads like this shouldn’t last a long time and she’ll know all the lyrics to all the songs by the end of it which I’m sure will please the Year 11 kids she teaches.

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