Oh… my… God! (let’s add a few more ‘!’ in there) !!!!!!!

The Socceroos not only won against Japan but they won it empathically! Ok, they did take their time (6 minutes to the final hooter is cutting it a bit fine) but they did finish off in style.

The lead-up to victory shaped up like a Shakespearean tragedy.

Scene 1: The tragedy.

Japan scores through controversial means

OMG, we was robbed! Mark Schwarzer was impeded but the goal still stood. Aus 0 – Japan 1. What followed was a long, long hour of grinding but unproductive play.

Scene 2: The triumph.

The camp celebrates Tim Cahills goal

Timmy Cahill comes to the rescue! He rolled out a tickler and everyone misses. Aus 1 – Japan 1.

Then 2 minutes later, the Weetbix Kid kicks an absolute scorcher into the top left corner and suddenly we’re in the lead! Aus 2 – Japan 1.

Scene 3: The ecstasy!

John Aloisi puts the icing on the cake

Johnny Aloisi finishes off with a fine drive. Aus 3 – Japan 1. It’s all over… until next week.

Psst, Mr. Hottie came out unscathed too. Tops!

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