Act 3: Croatia and beyond

It’s days like these that makes me very proud. When sport transcends and really empowers (as corny as it sounds) a nation.

The game itself wasn’t pretty but like the last two, it was a cliffhanger that made me in turn – lunge for the mute button/scream my lungs out in frustration/scream out in ecstacy – all this before the sun and the fog had even lifted!

Harry’s goal and before that, Craig Moore’s strength in taking the penalty, were brilliant moments.

But more moving was the spirit of resilience and determination in which they played the game. Yes, the commentators, journalists as well as other fans have waxed lyrical about it today, but for me this was up there with the Olympics in terms of the pride I felt for the team and what they had achieved. And I wasn’t alone.

The public were overjoyed and proud.

And it was obvious that the players were too.

Yes, I did post that pic for a (pretty obvious) reason. But our man was again unbelievably good today as well as being unbelievably hot. You’ve earned your nickname, Lucas!

So with the help of a few friends I’ve set up a mini fan site for Mr. Hottie, who will no longer languish in the backline!

Bring on Italy!!

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