Give Me Some Water – Part 3

I only found this place yesterday, but it’s on my list of favourites already. Not ‘found’ exactly, since I’ve known about The Basin for ages, but I have never managed to rustle up a trip there until yesterday.

As with most natural still water swimming spots, access isn’t easy. To get to there one has to drive all the way to Palm Beach (that’s as far away from my place as you can possibly get in Sydney) where a 20 minute ferry ride across Pittwater into Kuringai-Chase National Park awaits. But the effort is worth it, because The Basin has to be one of the prettiest places in all of Sydney.

Now, I’ve always thought that Wattamolla was lovely, but this place is even more lovely and 10 times the size. Surrounded by bush, the lagoon is blue-green and goes for a mile or more. Because of its sheer inaccessibility (the only other way to get there is by foot via a 6km track), I don’t think it would ever get full. It is so pristine and calm and beautiful that I liken it to an Aussie version of The Blue Lagoon. Only without Brooke Shields.

The Basin Lagoon

Pelican Waits Under Norfolk Pines Rock wallaby

Could be the blue lagoon

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