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Inner City Brunch – Eggs Benedict

A sunny Saturday: a perfect time to catch up with a few uni friends who’ve recently had bubs. We wandered around the corner from my friend’s flat in Pyrmont to a little cafe called Pyjamas. I had a particularly nice eggs benedict, which I haven’t had in quite awhile. The hollandaise was nice a creamy, and the sourdough a good texture – crust not too hard, the inside nice and soft. Very satisfying.

Eggs benedict

Sushi Breakfast

Just to prove that this is not only a Mr Hottie blog, I will change the subject completely and focus on Japan, my most recent holiday destination.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with gazillion snaps or an endless slideshow (though it could be arranged), but on some of the more amusing (or omoshiroi as the Japanese say) aspects of the trip.

First up, the food. I’m not a tour kind of girl as most people know, but I wanted to see a more meaningful Japan, and when I found out about a gourmet tour, well, I signed up there and then.

Japanese food does tend to polarise people. Some people squirm and some people are completely addicted to it. I’m closer to the latter, and from the range of food available in Sydney (or Shidonii in Japanese), I know it’s more than just sushi. There are fab noodles in broth, Japanese adaptations of international dishes like schnitzel, curry, and battered food, and then the endless rows of vending machines selling every type of beverage imaginable. But in the end, the most memorable Japanese food moment did involve sushi.

On the first night of the tour, Darron, our very amusing leader, told us on a previous trip a girl had ordered a ‘dancing prawn sushi’, dancing because it was still twitching. Well, we ended up having a dancing prawn moment of our own when we had a sushi breakfast in Tokyo.

Let's go fishing!

Let’s go fishing!

A beheading

A beheading.



The finished product

The finished product.

It's still twitching!

It’s still twitching!