Thylacoleo – Hunter Extraordinaire

The diprotodon might have been big, but by most accounts it was a gentle giant. There were however carnivore marsupials around at the time too, and ones that were bigger than the Devils. The most ferocious was a species called thylacoleo – the marsupial lion.

Phosphate Mine

We saw a replica of a full skeleton, and there were bits and pieces also on display. The animal is likened more to a leopard than a lion, in that it was of similar size, had a powerful jaw and teeth like sheers, and long retractable claws to slash its prey, and scarily, climb trees. It would be the most ferocious drop bear you’d ever see. They were so effective in their hunting that they would prey on the hapless diprotodon and other large herbivores.

Glad this guy isn’t around anymore!

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