Pleistocene Reptiles

Outside, we saw the cave where Mitchell and Rankin found the first diprotodon bones.

Mitchell Cave

But as more bones were discovered, they found bones of creatues that were distinctly reptilian.

There were fossils from a giant lizard, which they named megalania. They were much bigger than present day Komodo dragons, at almost 5 metres in length. We saw a full-size replica in the bush.


But more interesting I think were the Wonambi – giant snakes. Here is a replica at the bottom of a sink hole.


These snakes were estimated at 10 to 11 metres long. We saw some vertebrae that had been collected.


Three vertabrae just fitted into a drawer, and if you think of how a human back bone looks in comparison to its size, then it’s obvious that this snake was very big.


Perhaps this was what the early Aboriginals saw when they first came to Australia? Perhaps this was their Rainbow Serpent?

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