Paleontology – Sorting It All Out

Once you gathered together your pile of fossils, how do you know what you have? These students had a guide to what the bones and teeth of various animals looked like to help them.


And it’s also good to have a resident paleontologist nearby to help you identify things. These scientists have been studying bones and teeth of animals for over 30 years, so they know what they are talking about.


The students sorted their finds neatly into groups.


Some of them found some interesting things…


All this sorting helped the paleontologists catalogue what was in the pile, which told us the kinds of animals alive back then.

Looking at the white board at the end of the session, there were a lot of different finds that day.


It goes to show how diverse the fauna was back then – even more so that now, in a way.

That comes to the end of our walk through the Pleistocene age of one million years ago. I’ll be on a blog break for the next two weeks, and will be back with some Devonian fossils from around 400 million years ago!

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