Devonian Sea Life – Part 1

The limestone around Wellington is Devonian in age, around 390 million years ago. Back then, the area was still under water – a shallow sea. Dinosaurs weren’t to appear for at least another 150 million years. Plants were only starting to grow on land, and were probably very strange-looking. The only land animals were arthropods (insects, crustaceans, spiders) and lung fish with legs.

Most plant and animal life lived in the sea, and in the limestone, we saw a good cross-section of what was around in the ocean.

There were snails and other marine gastropods.

Devonian fossils

Giant stromatolites formed by micro-organisms (closely related to blue green algae). You can see the layers of sediment they formed.

Devonian fossils

Block of crinoid stems – remnants of ancient sea lilies.

Devonian fossils

But mostly, we saw lots and lots of coral. Yes, the ancestors of the coral that form the Great Barrier Reef.

Devonian fossils

They were literally all over the rocks in places.

Devonian fossils

Devonian fossils

Devonian fossils

The only thing we didn’t see (although there were plenty out there at the time) was fish. I guess I have to go to Canowindra one day to see Devonian fish in abundance.

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