The country around Dripstone is pretty typical of Central NSW – pasture land with gently rolling hills and patches of bush. Dripstone, as far as I could tell, was just a cluster of small acre properties on a karst (cave country) hill. Hence the name, I suppose.

Devonian fossils

The grass was long from the summer rains.

Devonian fossils

It looked enchanting in the late autumn afternoon light, even if it was really hard to walk through for a short, city slicker like me.

Devonian fossils

I couldn’t help myself, I was trigger happy.

Devonian fossils

Devonian fossils

And as I took these shots, the afternoon XPT cruised by in the valley below, back to Sydney. Back home.

Devonian fossils

Well, that’s the end of our adventure in Central NSW. But don’t despair, I have plenty of places and things to show you yet.

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