Riversleigh ‘D’ Site – Part 1

Let’s talk a bit about Riversleigh and where it is. Riversleigh is named after the property that it was on, Riversleigh Station. It’s about 280km by road, north west of Mount Isa, smack bang in the Gulf Country.

The landscape didn’t make much of an impression for me at first. It’s generally flat, with ridges of hills every now and then.

D Site

What makes the hills around Riversleigh different is that they are made of limestone – yes, we’re in karst country once again. You can tell by the grey-ish boulders on top of the hill.

D Site

The limestone here isn’t as old as the limestone around Wellington, NSW. It is much, much younger, from 50 to 5 million years. It’s formed because of the spring waters that are particularly rich in calcium carbonate. It seems to bind to the bones of animals, and fossilise them very well indeed.

Next, ‘D’ site, and its fossils.

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