Walk to Lookout Hill – Part 1

We’re starting a walk to Lookout Hill this week, but the walk really started from our tent. We stayed in one of the permanent safari tents on the site. As you can see, it was a big family tent and very comfy, especially when it was only for the two of us. It was made up with proper beds and bedding. I’m a big fan of ‘glamping’, I must say.

Permanent Tent

But a tent is a tent, and as Joan noted on her recent road trip to Central Queensland, it’s been a bit cold this winter, even in the Outback. Hubby said that it was the coldest visit he’s ever had to the area, and it was his sixth trip. Temperatures got down to as low as 5C during the night, but rose to the mid 20C’s by the afternoon. I was just thankful for the clear weather after living through months of rain down in Sydney.

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