British Museum – Part 6

The British Museum of course has treasures from more than just the Mediterranean, it also has a comprehensive collection from its own land. I liked the collection from Celtic Britain, before the Romans came. The Battersea Shield is from the Bronze Age and was exquisite.

Battersea Shield

The Romans of course had a big part to play in the making of Britain. The mosaic below of a lady is particularly fine.

Roman Mosaic

The peak of Roman Britain was when Emperor Hadrian came to visit. Like the current queen’s Golden Jubilee, one has to commemorate the occasion with something special, in this case, a bronze bust of the emperor himself. Nice moustache.

Emperor Hadrian

That’s the end of the visit. We didn’t even touch treasures from the Near and Far East and beyond, which I’m sure the museum has plenty of. I guess that has to be left for a future visit.

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