Twilight Walk at Lyme – Part 2

Night was falling fast, but I had to get one last walk in, to the Cobb – the old harbour area.

Lyme Regis at Dusk

To get there, we walked right along the beach from town.

Lyme Regis at Dusk

There were some pretty terraces along the way. This one was decorated with fossil ammonites, one of the more common species to be found in Lyme.

Lyme Regis at Dusk

Even the lamp posts were sculptured like ammonites. I guess fossil hunting is major tourist attraction in these parts.

Lyme Regis at Dusk

Soon we had a clear view of the old sea walls of the Cobb. Jane Austen used it well in her novel Persuasion – it is the place the main characters visited and the scene of a dreadful accident.

Lyme Regis at Dusk

I’m having a short blog break and will return in a week or so with more on Lyme Regis.

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