Athina – Part 4

I know I’ve overloaded you all with museums, but you can’t deny that one of the joys of travelling in Europe is the abundance of great museums. Athens certainly has its share, and thank goodness for that, considering its contribution to civilisation.

Today I am taking you to the National Archaeological Museum, which houses the major archaeological finds in Greece. Given Greece’s long history, it has everything from neolithic hand tools to classical sculptures and mountains of gold jewellery. This statue is an archaic depiction of the god Athina (which Athens has been named after), from the archaic period 2700 years ago. As you can see, the style is a bit more simplistic than those found on the Parthenon – not surprising given that Athina was created perhaps 500 years before.

National Archaeological Museum

Similarly, the men were also of the same style. One could picture the artisans honing their skills over the centuries to recreate the human image.

National Archaeological Museum

By the classical age, they were experts. Look at this bronze sculpture of the god Poseidon – exquisite. It almost could have been created yesterday – except that much of the skill to sculpt in such a way has been lost to technology.

National Archaeological Museum

There were room after room of really beautiful sculptures. It’s certainly a treat since Grecian sculptures are rare in Australian museums.

National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum

Classic sculpture

Then there were the jewellery from the Mycenaean tombs from 3500 years ago. These were excavated from the supposed tomb of Agamemnon (written about extensively by Homer).

National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum

Whether it was his or not, one thing for sure is that they loved their bling back then, as they do now.

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