Mountain Food – Part 2

We weren’t only eating vegetables – that certainly won’t sustain you up in the mountains. We had our share of non-veg dishes too. This sausage was a bit like a chorizo, but perhaps more Turkish influenced.

Thracian Food

The chicken souvlaki was marinated with a mix of oregano and thyme – typical of Greece.

Thracian Food

This fried hard cheese I think tastes like haloumi, but harder.

Thracian Food

And of course, big chunks of goats milk feta.

Thassos Food

We had plenty of ‘schnitzels’ too. This one is made from pork with a mushroom and cream sauce.

Thracian Food

And the favourite lunch-time dish of herders, lamb chop stew with risoni.

Thracian Food

After all that eating, there really wasn’t any room for dessert. We only managed it once. Being in Greece, they were super-sweet.

Thracian Food

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