Island Life

We headed for the south coast of island of Thassos, to the town of Potos. It’s about an 80km drive from where the ferry landed in the north. Like a lot of Greek islands, Thassos is very mountainous in the middle. In fact, the highest peak is over 1,200 metres – taller than the Blue Mountains.

Central Thassos

But I was looking forward to seeing the Aegean Sea, and luckily I got a nice day to enjoy the seaside.


Even though Potos is a resort town, it still has a few fishing boats moored.


But most of the boats were recreational.



Potos was very quiet in April. It felt like we were the only tourists around. It would be different if we visited a few weeks later, when Bulgarian and Romanian holiday-makers head for their Easter break.


And I’m always fascinated by the ‘Aussie’ bar. They are getting to be as ubiquitous as the Irish pub.

Aussie Bar

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