Eat For Germany! – Part 1

In Freiberg, we stayed at a little Art Deco hotel, a former cutlery factory.

Hotel Alekto

It had a pretty good restaurant which we ate at quite a few nights. We got to sample some German fare this way. The consommne with dumplings below was good, more delicate than I expected.

Freiberg Food

And the pea soup with a prawn side was also tasty.

Freiberg Food

Mains generally consisted of meat and veg or salad combinations, with lots of potatoes. There was certainly a lot of pork, either as chops.

Freiberg Food

Or as schnitzel, of varying sizes. The latter certainly could feed several people.

Freiberg Food

Freiberg Food

What we didn’t expect was that the people around town, especially those of middle age or older, had no English. I guess in the Communist era, East German had more ties to the east, hence their second language at school was more likely to be Russian. So our phrase book, especially its menu decoder, got a bit of workout during our stay. Fortunately, German and English aren’t too far apart (unlike some other languages), and with a bit of practice it was relatively easy for us to order and figure things out in general.

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