Hannover – Part 2

Our main reason for visiting Hannover though was to visit the grave of Hubby’s grandfather. In WWII his grandfather was an Englishman in a parachute regiment, meaning he was one of those soldiers who parachuted down behind enemy lines and fought there. He was killed in northern Germany a mere month before the end of the war, leaving behind a young wife and two small children. He was buried in this Allied War Cemetery, on the outskirts of Hannover.

Hannover War Cemetery

Hannover War Cemetery

The cemetery was easy to get to, and immaculately kept. The soldiers buried there came from all over the UK, different parts of the Commonwealth, as well as from all over Europe. All those young lives lost.

Hannover War Cemetery

Hannover War Cemetery

We found Grandfather’s grave quite easily. It was an emotional pilgrimage for Hubby, who had never visited before. We also found many other men who had died with him, from around the same period. There must have been carnage on both sides.

Hannover War Cemetery

We were glad that the Germans have kept the cemetery is such good order, because it was a very special place. May they rest in peace.

Hannover War Cemetery

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