Helsinki – Part 2

There were some older areas down toward the port area. You can tell that both the Swedes and the Russians influenced the city through its churches. The main Lutheran cathedral was built by the Swedes in the 19th Century. It certainly breaks up all the red granite around the place.

Around Helsinki

This cathedral on the other hand had Russian influences and is an Orthodox church.

Around Helsinki

By the port you can view the eclectic mix of architecture in the city. Notice that there are no high-rise buildings about the place, so that the city still blends into the landscape.

Around Helsinki

The main market was also by the water.

Around Helsinki

It sold lots of distinctly Finnish souvenirs made from wood, reindeer, and wool.

Around Helsinki

All that knitwear reminded me that it must get pretty cold out there in the winter. It wasn’t exactly warm that day either, but the sunshine at least made things bearable.

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