Northbound – Part 1

We’re on the final leg of our journey northbound through Europe. We’ve left coastal Oulu with Hubby’s friend W, and made our way north through more woodland, to Lapland.

Cycling in Oulu

On the way, we crossed many rivers. Not many signs of human habitation here, just the odd farmstead or country home like this one.

Around Lapland

We visited a historical cabin deep in the woods. It was the hideout for the Finnish resistance fighters during World War I. There were eight men living rough in all weathers, trapping their food, while fighting against the Russians. The men must have been super tough to get through it all.

Around Lapland

Around Lapland

We visited a little country Lutheran church, where W’s parents got married in the 50’s.

Around Lapland

This WWII memorial was very touching. Goes to show that people everywhere were touched by that conflict.

Around Lapland

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