Camping Adventure – Part 1

In February we went on another camping adventure. It’s been more than a year since our previous camping trip. Our destination was still the Barrington Tops, but this time we chose the southern side, cutting perhaps 1.5 to 2 hours off our trip. We once again chose a dog-friendly camping ground, as Bridie was with us. They were very dog-friendly, with the kiosk even serving dog-friendly treats.

Camping at Riverwood Downs

Riverwood Downs was more than just a camp ground, being an eco resort of sorts, but camping suited us just fine.

Camping at Riverwood Downs

The location was still rural, and although not quite as scenic as Cundle Flat, the river was more accessible. We certainly needed it as it reached 35C during our stay.

Camping at Riverwood Downs

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