Park Study – Part 1

You might not have known it from this blog, but I haven’t been feeling too much love for photography lately. Apart from holidays and day walks, it’s been ages since I took out my camera just for the heck of it. So to rekindle some camera love, I’m taking a short course.

I have taken a basic photography course before, but that must be 10 years ago or so now, and since then I’ve hardly been out of my comfort zone (i.e. scenes, landscapes and the like). So over the next little while, I’ll be posting the photos I’m taking as part of the week’s homework. Forgive me if it’s all a bit random.

To start off with, a study of Hyde Park at lunch time.

Lunch time at Hyde Park

Lots of nice highlights and shadows now that it’s March. I really like how everything is so lush after the weekend’s rain.

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