Birthday Dinner – Part 2

Main course was even more sumptuous. I had fish (a bass grouper) with oysters, samphire and pickled turnips. It was an interesting study in umami and saltiness.

Dinner at Aria

Hubby had lamb from the Moran’s family farm, which was succulent and sweet.

Dinner at Aria

The side of green vegetables were an imaginative mix of braised broccolini, snow peas and kale.

Dinner at Aria

And the desserts were absolutely wonderful. Hubby had a study in Valrhona chocolate, hazelnuts, honeycomb and sherbet.

Dinner at Aria

And I really did enjoy my berry tartlet. The pastry was wafer then and the sorbet inside was wonderful. Oh, and the staff even remembered my birthday. That’s service for you.

Dinner at Aria

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