World From Above – Part 2

After class I made my way back to the city. I planned to find some places to shoot at but the weather wasn’t about to co-operate.

Hyde Park before the storm

I headed under-cover into the Queen Victoria Building. Good old QVB, it really is a photographer’s paradise with all its Victorian charm, light spaces, and many interesting angles. It’s one of my favourite place to shoot.

Queen Victoria Building

We talked a lot about white balance in class, and how certain light conditions and different light sources can affect the colour of a photo, warm to cool. It’s basically what our eyes automatically do, but what needs to be applied by the camera when taking shots. Modern digital cameras have auto-white-balance that tries to mimic human eyes, but similarly it can get things rather wrong. This function can however be used creatively to give you some interesting moods.

Queen Victoria Building

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