A Bit of Autumn Colour

I did see a bit of autumn colour on the Central Coast, courtesy of a short drive up to the hinterland village of Somersby. There were a few trees turning by the roadside that warranted a few shots.

Somersby Colours

Somersby Colours

It has been a strange autumn and even though it’s still warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirt during the middle of the day, I dearly want to be able to break out the winter coats soon. I’ll just have to look at more of these photos and dream on.

Somersby Colours

Somersby Colours

Somersby was also a prime spot for Gymea lilies. Unfortunately, it seemed to be the end of the flowering season, but I found one that still had its bloom. At four or so metres tall, they’re truly spectacular flowers.

Somersby Colours

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