Gerringong – Part 1

I like the Illawarra coast, and last week I got to visit the seaside town of Gerringong. Gerringong has always been the smaller brother of Kiama, a few k’s up the coast, but with the coming of the by-pass it’s about to get very big. I’m glad that I made this visit before it changed for good.

We took a little walk along the relatively new Kiama to Gerringong Coast Track to the other side of Red Cliff. Walking along the shoreline, Hubby told me that the cliff was made up of Permian aged sandstone, rich in iron (hence the red).

Werri Beach

Meanwhile, the rock platform below was made up of black basalt, meaning that there was volcanic activity here at some stage. Other local landmarks such as Bombo and the Blowhole are also made of basalt. It’s spectacular when the swell is up.

Werri Beach

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