Here Fishy – Part 2

After our museum visit we drove out into the Canowindra country side and stopped to visit the original site of the fishes.

Original Canowindra Fish Site

It’s quite astonishing that the slabs of fish were dug up from under this road.

Original Canowindra Fish Site

Since the original dig only went for a mere two weeks, they could only remove a limited amount of material. Afterwards the site was covered up, and the road rebuilt.

Original Canowindra Fish Site

Dr Ritchie thinks there are still a whole load of fishes out there – if only the local council would let him dig here. He has not been able to dig here since the early nineties, despite plenty of petitions. There’s still a lot to learn about this site, but at the moment bureaucracy has grounded any further studies to a halt. Shame when politics gets in the way of things, but isn’t it the way these days?

Original Canowindra Fish Site

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