Autumn in the Mountains – Part 4

One great thing about the Grose Valley is that it has plenty of viewpoints. About 5km away from Govetts Leap is Pulpit Rock. Its lookout is a five minute walk down some steps (pretty easy by Blue Mountains standards), until you come to this platform.

Pulpit Rock Lookout

It gives you a view back to Govetts Leap and out further into the valley.

Pulpit Rock Lookout

But wait, there’s more! For those unafraid of heights, you can venture down to other platforms that are really on the precipice.

Pulpit Rock Lookout

I was too chicken to venture that far, but I saw some French backpackers that ventured into the realm of stupidity – they climbed over the barrier to grab some selfies of themselves seemingly dangling over the edge. Really? Sigh…

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