By the River Derwent – Part 1

And now for somewhere different. These photos were taken in Hobart on a wedding anniversary weekend getaway in spring 2018.

I hadn’t been to Hobart since I was a child so it was interesting to see it through ‘grown-up’ eyes. It’s a small city by the River Derwent, dominated by Mount Wellington in the background. You can always tell how cold it is by looking at its summit, which can be covered with snow at any time of year.

Hobart Weekend 2018

Constitution Dock is about as busy as it gets in Hobart, with tourists (pre-covid), shops, and markets on a weekend.

Hobart Weekend 2018

To show how far south Hobart really is, it’s the departure point for the Aurora Australis, the ice breaker ship that services the Australian research stations in Antarctica.

Hobart Weekend 2018

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