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Going back in time…

Back to the 1840’s actually. Berrima must be one of the best preserved villages in NSW. Lots of sandstone architecture, built by convicts of course. The original gaol is still there, although it’s now apparently a ‘training facility’.

Court house

Aside from the lolly shop, we wandered around to the court house and then down to the Holy Trinity Anglican church. There, we were lucky enough to be given a glimpse inside by two local ladies, who enthusiastically told us of its history.

Anglican Church Interior

Apparently it’s designed by the same architect as the much larger St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney, and its stained glass came all the way from some village church in Cornwall. Oil lamps (now converted to electricity) still hang from the ceiling and the original pipe organ is still in place. I sat for awhile, contemplating the starry ceiling in this delightful place.

Starry ceiling Stained glass Ancient lamp

A Chinese vego place…

That looks like a steak house! Well, we were in the country, near the Southern Highlands village of Berrima to be exact, so Zen Oasis, despite the name, blended well with its surroundings.

Zen Oasis

The food wasn’t bad either. A lot of it was standard yum cha fare, but equal favourites for me were the lemon ‘chicken’ and the fake fish.

But what are the floaties for? Free-for-all Sushi

By the time I tried all of the savoury dishes I hadn’t much room for dessert, however it was enough to fit in the pandan agar jelly.

Dessert Jelly and melon