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Helsinki – Part 4

One thing the Finns do have is a strong connection with the natural world. It comes through in their design, art and architecture. In a country of rock, water and vast forests, it is natural to want to incorporate these elements in everything.

Helsinki’s Church of the Rock is certainly one strong representation of nature. Instead of clearing the granite to make way for the church, it has been built into it.

Around Helsinki

The builders have tried to use only local materials – even the copper dome that makes up the roof. It’s used for Lutheran services and also for concerts as the acoustics inside are very good.

Around Helsinki

In a nearby park is a sculpture dedicated to Finland’s most renowned composer, Jean Sibelius.

Around Helsinki

It is a bit abstract, but with a bit of imagination, you might be able to see that the ‘organ pipes’ represent a birch forest.

Around Helsinki

Design-wise, Helsinki must have one of the largest design districts anywhere, with plenty of clothing, homewear, furniture, and everything else in between, being offered by designers. The products weren’t exactly the cheapest (ie. Ikea) but they were very good looking and of great quality.

Home Sweet Home (At Last)

In the past year or so my eyes have been open to the wide world of interior design and home decor. I’ve given a few examples of how I’d like my place to be and with the help of my parents and a dozen tradies, my dream has been realised.

After After After

It’s been about 5 weeks since I’ve moved into my new place and the place is starting to feel like home. Personally, I love it. The abundance of wood makes the place feel homely, and to that I bought more beautiful wood pieces so that it’s a real pleasure just to stay at home.