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Birthday Dinner – Dessert

Probably a miracle that we still had room for dessert at this stage, but being a special dinner, we had to have sweets as well.

BB had a lemon tartlet with berries. The lemon custard was light and tart, and the pastry was so, so thin and crisp – a lovely way to cleanse the palette.

Lemon tartlet with berries

While I had a caramel glazed apple tartlet. The custard here was just as light, but flavoured with yummy vanilla. I’d be happy with a bowl of just the custard! But then there was the crunch of the thin pastry, and thinly sliced apples glazed with a thin layer of caramel. Thin was the operative word, but it made the dish all the more wonderful – no single element dominated.

Caramel glazed apple tartlet

I was very, very happy with this meal – but it was a special occasion. As wonderful as it was, I wouldn’t be up to eating it every week!

Birthday Dinner – Entree

We always seem to be visiting French or French inspired restaurants on our birthdays. This time it was my birthday and we went a lot more upmarket, at Bistro Moncur, Woollahra. This restaurant serves classic bistro food, which is fine enough for me.

For entree I had the beetroot, goats cheese fritter, witloof and walnut salad. It’s a classic combination, cooked and seasoned perfectly.

Salad of baby beetroot, goats cheese fritters, roman beans and witloof

BB on the other hand went all out with the French onion souffle gratin. The cheese sauce made the dish quite rich, but it was the lightness of the souffle that impressed me the most. It was a top bit of cooking.

French Onion Souffle Gratin

Favourite Feeds – Scallops

This is a relatively new favourite, but I’ve had quite a few smashing scallop dishes in the last year or so that I would now order scallops anytime that it appears on the menu.

Given that it’s such a delicate shellfish, it is more versatile than you might think. I had this scallop dish at the Golden Century, a good Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown. It’s very simply stir-fried with snowpeas and carrots, and a little seasoning.

Scallops and asparagus

I had this dish at Char, in Darwin. It has the fashionable paring of scallops and pork belly. Being Darwin, it was served with a south-east asian accompaniment of crunchy salad and peanut sauce. Luscious!

Pork Belly and Scallops

Last but not least, a more simpler take – but just as delicious as the two above – scallops wrapped in bacon, with aioli. I had this at Pearsons, a little bistro-style restaurant in Mortdale.

Scallops and bacon