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Knitted Objects 2021

There was some knitting done in 2021, though it was dominated by these socks with was a gift.

Hulinicki bed socks

You might guess that these took awhile to knit up. However the wool was lovely so I made these baby booties with the leftovers, as another gift.

K & G's baby booties

Finally, it was time to make a few replacement dishcloths using this pattern. These cloths are typically made in pure cotton yarn and can be used either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They’re easy for a beginner to knit, and take no time at all. And at the end of the day you can chuck them in the washing machine with your other dirty linens.

Knitted dish cloths

Knitted Objects 2020

I haven’t knitted a whole lot, but I have completed two short-ish projects this year.

This project and yarn was bought all the way in this beautiful shop in Nelson, New Zealand, but it took awhile for me to pick up. Loved the yarn and pattern though.

Lacy mitts

Lacy mitts

And this children’s vest (using an old favourite of a pattern) is for my cousin J’s under 4 year old sons. Hopefully it will get some use from them both.

Bailey's Vest

Knitted Projects 2019 – Part 2

The majority of the year was taken up in doing much more substantial knitting. This cardigan had been on my knitting queue for awhile, so it was great to be able to see it to the finish. It’s made with a combination of two thin-ish yarns held together (one variegated and one solid). The buttons were bought at the op shop in the tiny NZ town of Granity by a local maker (not sure who).


This vest was actually completed in early 2020, but the bulk of the work was done in 2019. The wool was actually bought by Mum while she was in Reykjavik, Iceland (thanks Mum). The buttons were bought in Hobart, Tasmania, but was machine-made, I think. It’ll be a cosy garment mid-winter, worn underneath my coat.

Icelandic vest

Knitted Projects 2019 – Part 1

I know, it’s been a long time between posts. I’ve lost much of my blogging momentum last year but hopefully I can still continue on this year, catching up on my photo posts. First, my knitted works for last year.

I made two sets of baby booties last year for various new mums of my acquaintance. I hadn’t knitted these for awhile so it was a bit like a trip down memory lane.

Baby booties

Booties for C's Baby

2018 Knitting Projects – Part 3

The third project of the year was for my TAFE art studies (multi-disciplinary art) and was exhibited in the Bravery Unmasked exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Museum, an art centre in Sydney’s south-west. In the exhibition radiation masks, used to immobilise the head in cancer treatment, are turned into artworks by patients, their family and supporters.

The work is called Determination Cap and consists of a cowl and a balaclava-styled cap.

Determination Cap

Determination Cap

Cancer patients confront physical and mental challenges akin to those faced by generations of explorers, soldiers and mariners. To protect them from the elements, they wore woollen ‘caps’ knitted by their loved ones.

This cap has been hand-knitted in orange Australian wool to portray both the determination of those who journey with cancer, and the loved ones who support them along the way.

2018 Knitting Projects – Part 1

This year’s main project was a jumper for Hubby. We agreed on this lovely pattern by American knitwear designer Jared Flood. Knitting started in February and I casted off the final stitch in September! Thankfully, it fitted well.

Winter jumper

Winter jumper

It wasn’t quite winter by the time I finished but the cool Spring meant that Hubby managed to get a handful of wears out of it. Hopefully he’ll wear it a lot more next winter.

Summer Knitting

Cooler weather might still be a little way off, but that’s no reason to stop knitting. I spent the summer knitting these gifts for various friends.

A toddler’s beanie. Very easy and clever pattern.

Toddler's Coastal Beanie

A shopping bag out of cotton. Looks like crochet but it’s definitely knitted.

Shopping Bag

A pair of lovely cable socks with variegated yarn. It’s another Pom Pom Quarterly project, took the longest to do, but was (generally) a pleasure to knit up.

Multicoloured House Socks

Autumn and Winter Knitting Projects 2017

Time for an update of finished projects since last February.

The first project is a zip up vest using an Icelandic wool called Ístex Léttlopi. The yarn was interesting to knit with – a little scratchy, but is very light and warm to wear. The project also featured my first zipper installment, which was easier to do than I thought. The vest got plenty of wear during our cooler-than-average winter.

Lagoon Vest

The second project was a teddy bear to use up some shaggy yarn that I had somehow picked up. The bear was my first toy but was straight-forward to do. I can see how some people might specialise in toy-making as it was a relatively quick knit.


Third and fourth projects were quick birthday gifts for friends using patterns I have used previously.

F's Hot Water Bottle Cover

Mel's Everyday Mitts

The last project I completed was a beanie project from Pom Pom Quarterly magazine. I did it mainly to use up some 4 ply yarn that I had in my stash, but it turned out very well. Luckily, we had a cool Spring, so I still managed to get some use out of the beanie even though I completed it in August.

Autumn Leaf Beanie