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2018 Art Projects – Part 6

Apologies for the blog break. Health issues have kept me offline, but I’m slowly getting back on my feet.

Finishing off my 2018 art projects series, we come to the nature inspired sculptures.

This is inspired by Christo, and is an household object(s).


This is inspired by the constructivism movement of the early 20th century and is a bull skull.


And this is a multi-media recreation of a cave (though no cave in particular).


2018 Art Projects – Part 5

Previously, I had explored human forms through drawing, so I was very familiar with them by the time I revisited them in Sculpture later in the year.


All of these works are in clay. Observation was still the key to their creation, however working in 3-D presented an added challenge.


Still, there is something very primal and (dare I say it) grounding about working in clay. It was a very pleasurable experience, I must say.


In the Field – Part 2

Being ‘in the field’ could also mean exploring my suburb, as I am compelled to do for time to time. I called the latest installment Lost Suburbia, and it was part of my TAFE Diploma of Visual Arts photography major work.

I wanted to capture these brick bungalows and their details before they are all replaced by McMansions. I used black and white film – the medium most commonly used when these houses were built in the 1940s – and developed each shot in the darkroom myself.

Lost Suburbia

Lost Suburbia

Lost Suburbia

Lost Suburbia

Lost Suburbia

Lost Suburbia