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One Man Band

Awhile ago I mentioned Liam Finn. Now I have his album and have been listening to it for a few weeks. I can say that his stuff is a lot more fresher than his dad’s. His voice is certainly a cross between his dad and uncle Tim. In fact, I think he’s got a manic streak to his music that reminds me a lot of Tim’s songs. But regardless who he takes after, the Finn musical genius genes certainly haven’t been lost where Liam’s concerned!

English trees in my garden

My flatmate and I went to see Crowded House on Monday night. Firstly, Augie March, a band that I’m just starting to get into, played a too short but brilliant set. The Crowdies actually took them awhile to find their feet (actually thought that night’s version of Fall At Your Feet was a bit pedestrian). Maybe it was the stupid Sydney crowd who took a really long time to warm up, but they did eventually and everyone was upstanding for the extended encore.

One of more delightful songs from the new album is English Trees, and what I didn’t notice from listening to the track on the album was that Neil Finn’s son Liam was the one doing the harmony work. Now, I knew that Liam Finn has been in bands previously and now has a solo album out, but what I didn’t realise was how closely his voice resembled his dad’s, so when they were singing the duet it was just, well, spine-tingling really.

This isn’t from Monday night, but it will give you an idea of how good they sound together.

Something just happens when blood relations sing together. I guess that’s why Neil and Tim have done some of their best work together. I hope that they get to do another album because I loved Everyone Is Here. And after hearing English Trees live, I really hope that father and son do an album together somewhere down the track too.