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The strange world of fandom

From all my posts here you would think that I’m a bit of a fangirl. Yes, I am mildly obsessive about the things I’m passionate about but when faced with real obsessive fans I really just have to scratch my head.

I rubbed shoulders with these, er, interesting people at (out of all things) a Missy Higgins concert. Now, Missy is an unassuming young Australian songstress who has developed a bit of a following. My friend C, who is a bit of a fan, managed to get her hands on practically front row seats for the Saturday gig. Naturally, all three of us who went were suitably excited, having never been seated so far up the front before. And look at how good our view was!

But the world of the front row is evidently a helluva lot more stranger than the world of the back row. When Tim Rogers’ drummer broke a drumstick midway through set, propelling it directly at C’s feet, the girl who was sitting 2 seats away dove in like a ravenous vulture! She didn’t apologise, oh no, she just screamed out, “Mine!” and tucked the drumstick into her bag. Then there was this other fan who approached the stage multiple times in order to give Missy a card, prompting security to give him a talk to. Nothing else to do but shake our heads and laugh.

Luckily Missy was oblivious to most of this and we got a good gig.

Yey, they turned the lights on!

Went to the Live Earth Sydney gig yesterday with 3 friends and I must say that we all enjoyed the day. The weather was behaving itself for once, putting on a pretty balmy 17C winter’s day (yes, I know that’s not winter).

Apart from Jack Johnson everyone else on the bill were Australian acts, which was good to have. Quality was a bit mixed, some acts that I expected to enjoy I just didn’t (like Wolfmother funnily enough), but the acts I did like were Missy Higgins who really has a wonderful voice and stage presence, John Butler Trio who absolutely rocked, and my sentimental favourite Crowded House who I love seeing because they have the ability to make whole stadiums break into song.

Not only that but they’re such consummate performers that they’re completely unflappable, even when the stage lights failed mid-set! Neil Finn (the singer) just commented ‘They must be making a statement’ and then encouraged everyone on the side of the stage to come on and dance and for guys to snog their girlfriends! Lol!

Though we were in the rafters we had good seats, so I got a few good shots out of it.

Here is a slideshow: