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The only constant is change, so the saying goes. It’s definitely the case where Austinmer’s concerned. The beachfront has had its share of gentrification since I started visiting in the mid 90’s. The row of traditional take-aways have been replaced by a swish condo/cafe complex. Gone are the days when lunch consisted of a good old-fashioned burger (Aussie-style, with beetroot) and a bucket-load of hot chips wrapped in newspaper eaten on the beach. Well, I’m sure the modern cafe has burger and chips on its menu, but sometimes nothing beats an old-fashioned take-away burger and chips after a refreshing dip in the ocean.



An early morning drive on Sunday took me down to the village of Austinmer. I arrived so early that the lifesavers hadn’t yet set-up shop and the locals were still doing laps of the rockpool. I eventually joined them but not before taking a squizz at the beach where a few surfers were still in the water. The waves weren’t particularly big, but still decent enough for them to get a ride or two.

Austinmer Beach

Give Me Some Water – Part 5

It’s autumn now but the weather was still perfectly warm on the weekend. I went further afield for this installment, down past Wollongong, past Shellharbour, to Bass Point and the intriguingly named Bushrangers Bay.

I was introduced to this place by a friend in-the-know. It’s a secluded, sheltered little granite cove that’s a favourite among divers and snorkellers. The water is clear and even though I didn’t have proper snorkelling gear I still saw a few fish and coral. Unsurprisingly, the bay is an aquatic reserve.

I arrived early before the families came, and the place was very quiet – so quiet that I felt as if I’d stumbled on a secret pirate’s hideout. Maybe there is some truth in the name after all?

Bushrangers Bay

Give Me Some Water – Part 2

Since the weather’s still damn hot with no sign of letting off, I’ve taken to exploring Sydney’s natural still water swimming spots. After Wattamolla, another favourite of mine is Karloo Pool. Karloo is a secret and cherished spot to people of the Shire and avid bushwalkers. It’s reached by walking 45 minutes into the valley from Heathcote Station to where Kangaroo Creek makes a lovely, deep, freshwater pool. It sure was a welcome sight on this year’s visit in 30C heat and humidity. The water was cool and refreshing and there were some rock platforms on which to sit and take lunch. Apart from other visitors, there were no other signs of civilisation though we’re only a mere 2-3 kms from the edge of Sydney. The uphill return trip was rather interesting in the heat, but the discomfort was worth it.

Karloo Pool