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World From Above – Part 5

One of my favourite photos that I’ve taken was this one, shot perhaps 15 years ago, back in the days when I was still shooting on film.

Bondi Icebergs

When I was thinking about places to shoot for this project, I thought again of Bondi. This time I came on a weekday morning. I was surprised at how busy the place was, full of people doing all kinds of physical activity.

Morning Exercise

I remember a tourist once saying that Sydneysiders must be the fittest people in the world. My reaction was to laugh, given that I live deep in the suburbs where people were more interested in going to cafes, and much of the physical activity was done indoors in gyms. Now that I’ve been to Bondi, I know what those tourists mean.

Morning Exercise

Here, everyone was bronze, trim and terrific, jogging their nine laps of the beach or saluting the sun yoga-style. It was definitely a different world to the suburbs I live in.

Morning Exercise


Yes, yes, I neglected my blog for months and then what do I write about? Football. But I can’t help it ‘cos I’m genuinely excited that the World Cup (Copa Mundial, Coupe de Monde, Copa do Mundo, Warudo Kuppu etc.) is finally here. Yipeeee!

Here come the TV all-nighters and bleary-eyed mornings. Here comes the edge-of-your-seat tension, the irrational screaming, the waking up your flatmates at 3 am – and that’s just when the Socceroos play! I won’t just be watching those games, ‘cos although like most people I also believe that Brazil will come up trumps, there’s still a lot more to enjoy. Actual skill is secondary when you have…

The style…

Djibril Cisse

… and glamour.

Davo Beckham

(Well, Becks did define the word ‘metrosexual’)

The Oscar-winning performances.

Rivaldos faker

The (hmmm) men… more on this later.

One thing about the Socceroos is that unlike Australia’s other national teams (noticeably our rugby and cricket teams) we aren’t totally devoid of hot guys. Some friends brought this man to attention, who we decided to call “Mr World Cup 2006 Six-Pack Hottie”.

Lucas Neill

His real name is Lucas Neill, but that’s beside the point.

Now, I would love to see my national team actually win a game (progressing to the next round may be beyond us), and I do like watching them play, but this just makes the lack of sleep a little more worth it, you know?