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Secret Places – Oatley Park

It’s funny how places really close to home often get ignored. Well, I’m posting about somewhere really close to home now. Oatley Park is a very well-kept secret to those who live in and around the St George area of Sydney. It’s a little peninsula of pristine bushland on the banks of the Georges River. I often went here when I lived in nearby Mortdale to walk the 40 minute track around the park.

Oatley Park Track

It also has a netted swimming area that’s popular with the kids during summer and a jetty to fish on.

Oatley Baths Laneway
Georges River Diving

It’s also fascinating to see the changes in the bush from season to season – the flannel flower flowering, the bark peeling off the gum trees…

Jetty post Bark detail Summer flowers

And the Christmas bush in bloom at, well, Christmas.

About Christmas

View from the Top

For the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to work on the 28th floor on the western edge of the city. That means an unobstructed view west, all the way to the Blue Mountains on a clear day.

View from the top

On the weekend I saw the view in reverse from the Blue Mountains foothills at Bellbird Hill, high above the Richmond plains. Whereas from the city only the suburbs are visible, from Bellbird Hill the view is surprisingly rural.

View of the city