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Geology Interlude – Devonian Fossils

Since my geology excursion raised some interest, I’ve tried to find more examples. The next example was right on BB’s coffee table. It’s a plate made of some very special marble – Devonian age marble from Morocco, in fact (over 354 million years ago). And encased in the marble are marine fossils. Given that the marble was grey, I thought black and white was a better medium for capturing this.

Devonian Age Fossils

Coastal Notes – A Dog’s Life

I’ve never had a dog. As a kid, whenever I asked my parents for one, the answer I inevitably got was, “Are you going to feed it, walk it, wash it, play with it, pick up its poo every single day?”

“Why? Aren’t you going to help?” I asked.

“No, since it’ll be your dog.”

Being an extremely pragmatic child, I wasn’t going to all the trouble of doing everything, even if it was the cutest dog in the world. So my childhood passed without a dog; in fact, without any pets at all, and this state of petlessness was sustained into adulthood.

But things change. I’ve now discovered the joys of dog walking on the beach. The dog is a ‘borrowed’ – very naughty beagle, who rejoices in digging holes and marking territory whenever and wherever she can – but her joy is infectious, even on a dreary, overcast day.

Up to her usual tricks