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You don’t see this everyday…

Opening Mass

That of course, was the crowd for the opening mass of World Youth Day (taken from my office).

It was one of those extraordinary weeks. When I first found out that Sydney was hosting 3 years ago I was very cynical about it all. After all, it seemed to me one bit PR exercise. Even two months out I still wasn’t very enthused, but as it grew closer there was a sense of excitement (mixed with panic) among everyone involved that was infectious.

And then the pilgrims started appearing and it was all for real. I’d heard of what happens at WYD’s from friends and family who have been, but to see it for real is something else. In the end, it was the presence of the pilgrims from around the world that made the whole event worth it. They were all so happy that you can not help being happy when you meet them.

Anyway, here are a few photos to give you a flavour of what’s been happening