Learn Hindi in One Easy Lesson

I know you’re getting sick of these Toby posts, but tough, because I can’t get enough of this guy. And this time around I’m talking about The Rising: The Ballad of Mangal Pandey.

Yes, it’s a Bollywood movie. No, he doesn’t sing or dance. But he does speak Hindi, and very well, too!

And he acts his heart out as Captain William Gordon, a good, Scottish officer, who is compromised in a very painful way when his friend Mangal Pandey leads a rebellion against the British.

Toby looks absolutely gorgeous in an officer’s uniform, moustache, and hair in its natural golden state. So here’s a bit of picspamming in dedication.

Such intensity…

Such intensity

Such emotion!

Such emotion

Seriously delectable in uniform.

Still delicious in a cravat!

Delicious cravat

Wish Captain Gordon would save me!

Save me

Ho! This is tougher than WWF wrestling!


That sexy half-smile will be the death of me.


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