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Fanfic Update

I’ve been busy posting my stories on Fan Fiction Net, and realised I have been industrious over the years. So here are the stories I’ve posted so far…

Jane Eyre:
A Sort of Homecoming
Love in a Major Key

North and South:
In the Company of Children (still uploading chapters)

By the Beam of My Flashlight
Raw Hide
Bittersweet Symphony (still uploading chapters)

It’s kind of funny reading back over the X-Files stories, because I wrote these about 13 years ago while I was still at uni, when X-Files was all the rage. Now David Duchovny’s doing nothing much, and Gillian Anderson’s on the London stage with Toby Stephens… Times have changed.

Men in tights

God, what’s with my favourite actors being in Robin Hood productions these days? Richard Armitage has been a mainstay of the Robin Hood TV series for a few years now, but in the latest series he is joined by none other than Toby Stephens. It makes for some, er, interesting scenes, let me tell you.

And then this morning, I found out that Matthew Macfadyen’s been cast as the Sherrif of Nottingham in Ridley Scott’s upcoming version. Seeing a slimmed-down Rusty, Cate and Matthew all in one place will be something to behold. I’ll be quite curious to see the finished product. Hopefully it will be more Gladiator and less Kingdom of Heaven.

Being 20 flying hours away sucks – Part II

Being 20 flying hours away sucks when you’re faced with this first thing in the morning (courtesy of AnneM on the forum):

Dearest gawd. Sex on legs. No question about it.

And he was only signing autographs for christsakes!

At a recent performance, one lucky Tobette was apparently sitting so close to the stage that she could have reached out and touched their (meaning Toby’s and Sam West’s), erm, rear.

I’d be happy to get within 1,000 miles of the theatre. Now I find out that he’s about to play a 16th Century philander. Bare-chested.

I think I need to lie down now.


One of the loveliest additions screenwriter Sandy Welch made to Jane Eyre was a play on the colour red and the description of the firebird, Rochester’s metaphor for Jane.

So when I came to write a song inspired by the series (something I had wanted to do for sometime, only my damned muse always lets me down) I thought it would be wonderful to base it on this scene.

Firebird, do you cry?
Firebird, do you dream
To spread your wings
And soar into the sky
Into the heart of things?

You little thing,
Quiet and calm,
Caged inside yourself,
I sit and stare and wonder
What’s underneath that mask:
Firebird, dare to fly.

A flash of red
Your lightning smile
Reveals the soul within:
I am mesmerised.
And those who catch
A glimpse will say
They’d caught a glimpse
Of heaven.

When days are dark
Do not fear;
Nestle in this nest
I have made for you;
And rest your tired wings
Until the day
You set the sky
On fire.

The song is here.

Got the Can’t See Toby Blues

So lovely Toby’s been on stage in London for over a month now and getting smashing reviews in the process. He’s also looking mighty, mighty fine, as you can see. Well, there’s only so much titilation a Tobette can stand before she bloody well explodes!

On the forum, this erupted in the wailing of the blues, first from the deft pen on MrsDanvers, who penned the following lyrics:

I’m sittin’ on my front step
It’s near a hundred-five,
And I got the blues so badly,
I don’t wanna be alive
Got the can’t see Toby, miss my Toby blues

Oh my Toby he’s a struttin’
On the London stage
Ain’t no way I can see him
And my heart’s just full of rage.
Got the want my Toby,need my Toby blues

My old man, he’s a hound dog,
A no-good waste of space,
He’s ugly and he runs around
Don’t wanna see his face
Want sweet Toby, he’s the handsomest man in town

Those lucky gals in London
They don’t worship from afar.
They ride the train so easy
And they go to the Donmar
Oh they see Toby, while I sit here with the blues

My mean ol’ dog’s a sniffin’ round
Like a sailor with an itch,
An’ I’m sitting here a-wailin’
Feeling hornier than a bitch
I got the need my Toby, want my Toby blues

Gonna go down to the river
Gonna weep an’ wail an’ sigh
Cos I miss sweet Toby oh so bad
I’m fixin’ right to die
Toby Toby, got the miss you, want you blues!

And then from the twinkling ivories of wylib.

Well, it wasn’t long before I joined the fray with a heart-wrenching rendition of the blues!

I’m Going Back to the Start

Warning: The following may cause hyperventilation and faintness.

Still examining Toby Stephens’s body… of work (almost got you there, didn’t I?), I’ll cover three of his earlier offerings from 10 or so years ago. I’m afraid there won’t be much objective analysis on his performances here, because I’d have fallen to the floor in a faint!

First of all, Onegin. It’s the Fiennes family treatment of this Russian tragedy, and admittedly Toby only has a small part in it, but he sure does shine.

As a film it is beautiful, but these Russian stories are never very uplifting – Toby’s Lensky is definitely the most uplifting thing about it.

He does a very fine duel scene though.

But I’m pissed off that he lost!

Now, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was the first time I noticed Toby. I saw it when it was first aired (in the wake of my newfound love of period dramas following Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy) and I admit that I kept my recording of this for 10 years because I thought Toby’s Gilbert Markham was adorable!

It’s a good series, based on Anne Bronte’s novel. Quite confronting after Pride and Prejudice but I liked its realism. Gilbert is not exactly the most sophisticated romantic hero on the planet, but he was earnest, handsome, and passionate.

Also, the first time I saw Toby’s impeccable kissing technique!

Quick! Pass the smelling salts!!

And from my first Toby find to one of my last – Twelfth Night!

Why, oh, why didn’t I know about this film earlier? Toby again doesn’t have a huge part in it, but oh gawd, was he gorgeous! It brought us some memorable moments such as:

The strut.

The love song.

The bath!!

The near-kiss! Gaaaaaah!

After all that, I think I need a long lie down. Preferably in front of the TV, with a bottle of red wine, and my entire Toby collection!

Being 20 flying hours away sucks

Since it was Toby’s birthday this week (hmm, another Taurus), it’s fitting that I write up another Toby Post!

Last post I talked about the virtues of Toby’s performance in The Rising. Well, as I watched The Last Samurai for the first time last weekend, which was a very good film by the way (with a good story and very detailed production values), I kept on thinking, ‘How good would it have been if had been Toby instead of Tom Cruise?’

There are a lot of similarities between the two films. Both dealt with uprisings, the military and Westerners living in an Eastern world. Both had a good portion of foreign language, plus sword-play and battles. Both had very exquisite, detailed productions. So the differentiating factor for me was the acting.


Exhibit 1: Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai

Now compare this with…

Exhibit 2: Toby Stephens in The Rising

Now, how good would The Last Samurai have been if it was Toby in the lead? Unfortunately, the audiences would have been helluva lot smaller too, and we know that the studio bosses put bank balances first when it comes to large productions.

Still, I’ve watched almost all of Toby’s back-catalog now and I’m still astonished by the gems I find. Last week I saw him in an episode of Waking the Dead, the British equivalent of CSI/Cold Case. I was totally in love with his performance as the deceitful but sad and pitiful Dr. Nick Henderson. I liked him playing a (relatively) normal, modern guy too.

Lastly, there’s been lots of news about Toby’s newest theatre role. Apparently the theatre is so small that Toby is within touching distance. Argh! Now I really wish that I was living in London and not 20 flying hours away.

Learn Hindi in One Easy Lesson

I know you’re getting sick of these Toby posts, but tough, because I can’t get enough of this guy. And this time around I’m talking about The Rising: The Ballad of Mangal Pandey.

Yes, it’s a Bollywood movie. No, he doesn’t sing or dance. But he does speak Hindi, and very well, too!

And he acts his heart out as Captain William Gordon, a good, Scottish officer, who is compromised in a very painful way when his friend Mangal Pandey leads a rebellion against the British.

Toby looks absolutely gorgeous in an officer’s uniform, moustache, and hair in its natural golden state. So here’s a bit of picspamming in dedication.

Such intensity…

Such intensity

Such emotion!

Such emotion

Seriously delectable in uniform.

Still delicious in a cravat!

Delicious cravat

Wish Captain Gordon would save me!

Save me

Ho! This is tougher than WWF wrestling!


That sexy half-smile will be the death of me.