Got the Can’t See Toby Blues

So lovely Toby’s been on stage in London for over a month now and getting smashing reviews in the process. He’s also looking mighty, mighty fine, as you can see. Well, there’s only so much titilation a Tobette can stand before she bloody well explodes!

On the forum, this erupted in the wailing of the blues, first from the deft pen on MrsDanvers, who penned the following lyrics:

I’m sittin’ on my front step
It’s near a hundred-five,
And I got the blues so badly,
I don’t wanna be alive
Got the can’t see Toby, miss my Toby blues

Oh my Toby he’s a struttin’
On the London stage
Ain’t no way I can see him
And my heart’s just full of rage.
Got the want my Toby,need my Toby blues

My old man, he’s a hound dog,
A no-good waste of space,
He’s ugly and he runs around
Don’t wanna see his face
Want sweet Toby, he’s the handsomest man in town

Those lucky gals in London
They don’t worship from afar.
They ride the train so easy
And they go to the Donmar
Oh they see Toby, while I sit here with the blues

My mean ol’ dog’s a sniffin’ round
Like a sailor with an itch,
An’ I’m sitting here a-wailin’
Feeling hornier than a bitch
I got the need my Toby, want my Toby blues

Gonna go down to the river
Gonna weep an’ wail an’ sigh
Cos I miss sweet Toby oh so bad
I’m fixin’ right to die
Toby Toby, got the miss you, want you blues!

And then from the twinkling ivories of wylib.

Well, it wasn’t long before I joined the fray with a heart-wrenching rendition of the blues!

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